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"Volunteer" 5k Race Directors for Non-Profits--Do not Despair!

It usually starts something like this...You’re a good person…You want to be a contributing member of your community. You are a “doer“ and like helping others. So, true to form you join your church outreach group, high school sports boosters club or perhaps the local green iguana protection society so you can “give back” to your community. You also happen to be a runner (or maybe you're not a runner but you like wearing comfortable running shoes so everyone thinks you are) . One way or the other you become known to the others in your volunteer group as “The Runner”.

Then, one fateful evening, someone in your group (by the way that someone is usually the non-runner in the group ) suggests putting on a 5K charity event to help raise funds but the person bringing up the idea states right up front they “don’t actually know anything about putting on a 5k race.” and they are “wicked busy” then...slowly… all heads in the room turn toward you. You are the runner of course and should know all about these types of things! Before you know it, you are the new newly appointed race director of the “Save the Green Iguana 5K Charity Run”...[Gulp]

As you drive home that evening you gulp again and realize that while you’ve run in lots of races (or worn through lots of running shoes) you’ve never actually organized a race so you don’t know where to start.

Don’t fret, we can help!! We work with many newbie race directors and we will help calm your frayed nerves and guide you through the race directing process! We can provide advice with respect to everything from how online registration works, what online registration portals to use, the marketing of your race, getting sponsors, the permitting process, course routes, shirts, the proper pricing of your race, race insurance to all of the various logistical issues you will encounter on the day of your race. We are also happy to meet with you in person at the race course to talk about your race. In addition to the guidance we can provide, we can also direct you to many other resources ranging from companies who can provide you awesome shirts, custom bibs or issue race day insurance policies as well as direct you to helpful online resources. Below we’ve included some great links to get you started on your journey. So, the next time you are driving home from your volunteer meeting saying “what have I done“? Rest assured, you are not alone and North Star Timing can help!

Race Directors Hub: This is an awesome site with a huge # of articles, ideas and suggestions to help improve your race.

Race Directors Hub Facebook Group: Race Directors Hub also runs a great Facebook group with all type of resources from Race Directors all over the world! There is also a neat search function where you can search for previous member posts on specific topics

Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) The RRCA has a huge # of resources on its website including an online Race Director certification course. The course is all online and consists of 6 online-learning modules that are 60-90 minutes each and presented by experienced race directors:

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