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Where Should You Host Your Race?

We often get asked by race directors for new events, where should they host their race?

While some non-profits will hold their race at their location of operations (if they’re lucky enough to have a building which has access to an acceptable race course) my guess is that most races will hold their event at public schools next followed by public parks/trails. Public schools as well as churches (if available) make excellent choices because they often have large wide access driveways designed to accommodate school buses, which can make the perfect start and finish line areas. Plus, many public schools will allow some limited access to the building provided you pay for a janitor to be on duty. School often have access to adjacent fields which can accommodate a kids fun run as well as event sponsor tents.

The downside to a public school is that they are often in heavy demand so you need to get your request in to the local school department early. Other great choices are churches (Saturday only), Town Community Centers, youth camps (note: in the summer and fall when campers are not present).

Remember, you must always plan for bad weather so, if you choose a venue without access to a building you will need to supply your own tents as well as porta-potties which can increase the cost of your event.

For our next post we will talk about the selection of your race course.

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