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5k (3.10Mi)

6k (3.72Mi)

8k (4.97Mi)

10k (6.21Mi)

12k (7.45Mi)

15k (9.32Mi)

10Mi (16.09k)

20k (12.42Mi)

Half Marathon (13.1Mi)

Marathon (26.2Mi)












* This page was originally started by Bill Spencer of Litchfield, New Hampshire who thought it would be interesting and informative to assemble road race records for the New Hampshire running community.  Bill started this project in the late 1990’s and began actually posting records in 1999.  To accomplish this Bill had to cull through many file drawers of NH races going back to the early 1980’s. The paper results long pre-dated (now defunct).

Bill went thru (literally) every race result to find the best individual age time for NH residents as well as the best all time in the State. Bill also recorded the top 5 age group individuals for the age group records. Bill notes for us that many of the top 5 are the same age but are no longer in the individual records.

Bill prepared a single web page for each distance, titled “New Hampshire 5k Road records that included the individual age records He then reserved the NHRunning website domain to host the records. The records were hosted on this site for several decades. Going forward, they will be hosted here.

In approximately 2005 Bill began to work with a national state record website database located in Tennessee (those are the links you will see to “staterunnningrecords”) which Bill found to be a more efficient way of keeping updated records. He linked to that page from his website. We will do as well.

Once Bill began posting to the national site he stopped posting the individual results with the Age Group and all comer records and just updated the links after a record. .

At Bill’s request, Cathy Merra of Amherst, NH has taken over as New Hampshire record keeper and looks forward to updating this section regularly with new NH records. If you need to reach Cathy, please email her through this website. 

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