Road Races and Cross Country

Our primary systems for road races and cross country are IPICO Chip Time Readers (Lite and Super Elite) with instant athlete identification using RFID (Duel Frequency) or UHF (Ultra High Frequency) technology supported by a Finish Lynx Timing Camera with 1/1000 sec. accuracy for visual (photographic evidence) of every athlete place combined with Identilynx (Front View) Digital full frame head-on video (time synchronized with Finish Lynx camera) for easy athlete tracking and identification.  We also offer disposable and re-usable Ipico Sportags.


For manual non-chip timing we utilize barcode scanners as well as NK (Neilsen-Kellerman) timing devices in conjunction with either MeetPro or Race Director software.

Track & Field

We offer fully automatic timing (FAT) for track events employing a Finish Lynx System manufactured by Lynx Developers which includes a full color EtherLynx Vision Camera (capture rate 1000 frames per second, far exceeding NFHS standards) in combination with an Identilynx Full-Frame frontal video capture camera.  This  allows us to time synchronize all finish line images from two separate angles producing accurate time stamped results.

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