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Registering Runners for your Event

Not too long ago the majority of race registrations. were completed on paper forms. Today, 99% of all race registrations are processed online and paper registrations (other than on perhaps race day) are a thing of the past. It’s important as race director you become familiar with the basics of online race registration and how it works.

When online registration took off in about 2005 there was an explosion of online registration companies. Over the last few years however there has been rapid industry consolidation and as of early 2021 just a few race registration companies control probably 95% of all race registrations in the United States (these are Active, RunReg, RaceEntry and RunSignUp) .

RunSignUp is our favorite for its ease of use for new race directors, range of tools and low per registrant cost. When you select your race timer it’s likely they will also have a favorite. You are not required to accept their choice but as race director you have the right to select whichever online registration company you prefer for your event!

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