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Were Back!!!

Yes that’s right we’re back! After a solid fifteen months of lockdowns, restrictions, remote work and masks life is finally getting back to normal for North Star Timing. We were actually busy for a spell last September/October as well as this past spring (actually very very busy spring 2021) as the local high schools scheduled fewer large invitationals but many more smaller 2-3 team cross country and track meets. On some days this past spring we were timing two events a day.

We are now all systems go for all of our events (road races, cross country and track) and couldn’t be more excited! We also plan to dust off our old blog which was just beginning to get ramped up right before the pandemic.

Please check back soon as we plan to post on our blog every 7-10 days offering helpful race planning suggestions with a special focus on non-profit organizations. If you ever have the need for timing services down the road (even next year--its never too early to begin planning) please give us a shout!

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